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3:20Cartoon VO Improv with Will Arnett
5:34Search History with Tig Notaro
4:58Jon Batiste "FREEDOM"
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  • Did anyone ACTUALLY believe the lab was just coincidentally in the same neighborhood as the outbreak? I mean, really ... if you have a kid in the house, and there's a half-sucked tootsie-pop stuck to the carpet, you don't need an investigation to unravel the mystery. I can't believe anyone, even the flaming partisans, ever expected people to really entertain such nonsense. At some point, everyone thought, "Well ... duh! Obviously." And then we were scolded and threatened with cancelation, causing half the people to shut-up about it, and the other half to pretend they believe it. Jon Stewart just said aloud what everyone already knows. Good stuff!

  • Kim Jong un has lost a lot of weight and has announced a food's finally affected his life after going on for long enough that his citizens have lost inches of height from malnutrition. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself

  • Just like there was no lab leak in Wuhan?

  • haha just make Evie the host and have Stephen as a guest! she's too awesome

  • We need a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert, DM'd by Matt Mercer.

  • you know why he gave him aviators? because Putin likes the style. Now he has to think about wearing them in public lmao good opening gambit roflmao

  • He reminds me of playwright Arthur Miller.

  • The audience sucks.. can we get Stephen back in his dark room

  • As an Indian I feel rather disappointed by the fact that Hank had made his mind to not voice Apu, the most funniest yet iconic Indian character anymore. The Simpsons literally a politically incorrect show that entertains people with edgy humour and stereotypes. I never felt offended as the show reflected, at times criticised what we call "cultural norms". The show seemed to be more enlightening than it was offensive. Woke politics is literally ruining the entertainment industry making it as miserable as the so called liberals and progressives. South Park has now replaced The Simpsons to be my favorite show as they've decided to stand their ground.

  • These Democrats just mocking and making fun of the mass ....

  • Com'on Stephen, invite some big names like De Niro

  • Why does a theory have to be false because it was associated with the trump organization? I mean if this sh*t is true you are all gonna feel dumb as hell. This left and right game is childish as hell, both of these parties are bad let’s just be honest. It’s just a political war

  • Love love him! Such a thoughtful person

  • It is so great seeing them play live versions of their songs

  • A korean song that rhimes only when you translate it into english?

  • Happy Dad's day to all the Dads! Love to all of you...v

  • 1918 H1N1 came out and infected fast af… it was brand new to humans at the time, also due to a lab leak? SARS was more transmissible than this according to microbiologists and virologists… we never looked at a lab there either. The lab exists because the region contains many coronaviruses and regular interactions with the populations… that’s why it’s there! This is where we’d expect to see zoonotic transmission…

  • When Stephen showed off his dad bod, that's when I felt communion

  • 💪👏

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  • I hope evie keeps being in the first draft skits. That was one change I embraced with open arms. I love seeing how they interact with each other.


  • This has to be the best troll ever. 🤣 👏 Jon Stewart.

  • The showman is back! Welcome back to your studio.

  • I haven't watched Stephen Colbert for a long while, but if Jon Stewart is on, I'll make an exception

  • Remarkably irresponsible of Jon Stewart, Jesus.

  • The reporter who revealed the shocking secret of Bill Clinton was discovered to have passed away unexpectedly (all people know who is behind is bill clinton)

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  • Colbert says "If there's evidence I'd love to hear it, I just don't know." Wow.

  • US journalists were disappointed that there was no declaration of war.

  • What exactly did Joe get from Putin?

  • It was a misinformed, loaded question. Biden was right to push back.

  • The obama admin funded the lab and funded the gain of function research.

  • Colberts dying shows view count after this might reinvigorate ratings over political gas lighting. How much more money does the media have left to burn for tone deaf politics?

  • Is anyone else concerned that Anderson Cooper wants to be lied to, not really what you want to hear from your journalist, but whatever lol

  • Wow!! What a great job of selective editing. The Late Show you are bigger pieces of shit than I thought.

  • Just blink-182 day

  • Maybe there’s time to get Russia and the USA to work together. I mean after a life threatening pandemic, that’s the least denominator of common sense required. Just saying. Why do you want the world to oppose Russia on international stage? Stop that egoistic Babel USA. And hey, I’m not Russian.

  • Thank God, this show is 100 times better in the studio

  • Thank you for addressing your 'dear friend's' comments. I feel much better hearing a conversation that is more calm, balanced, and science based.

  • Evie is so delightful. Hopefully she’ll come back for other shenanigans besides the holiday cards bit.

  • I'm a simple man. I see Queen Evie-I click. 👑

  • I think its possible Jon went quietly mad during the pandemic.

  • Unfortunately, Stuart couldn't make it obvious enough, so the satire part didn't work very well, and Colbert wasn't able to establish the Poe's Law caveat.

  • He must be speaking in hilarious irony because everything Colbert mentions didntt happen...there was no showdown they're not equals and Putin is evidently the more competent leader outta both of them😂😂😂

    • Trump's not coming back in August.

  • “Maybe a pangolin kissed a turtle” was the part that had me laughing so hard.

  • Wow the tonight show is finally worth watching

  • Ha❗️The band is back together. Hope they play in PDX THIS SUMMER. WE LOVE YA❤️‍🔥 @PDXsays

  • Best thing to come out of television in a long time.

  • Curiosity killed more than 3 million people all over the world. Colbert bashes Trump, not China who put doctors in jail for warning about it.

  • The only time the masses believe the Truth is when it’s told as a Joke 😆

  • Love the suit and tie. ❤️

  • Colbert is a shell of what he once was. He hilariously bashed the bush regime but then suddenly he became a globalist shill for the left. Hope this moment of integrity from his forerrunner will wake him up.

  • The intimacy of the show (quarantine) version is gone. Every comment wishes the home version to come back.

  • Love how Colbert is trying to run the show but Jon is way more chad and just takes control lol

  • I miss the Colbert Report. Before Steve was replaced with the fourmulaic-robot-latenight-Steve.

  • We funded the research in the lab and have for years.

  • Morangbong Band is NK’s attempt at K-Pop

  • Cobert: if everyone had a conscience... Stone: YEAH?!???..... COLBERT: .............

  • Finally someone to shove the truth down his mouth.

  • Anderson’s giggle is 💗

  • That was a great journalist... Now I wanna know his bs answer.

  • Love Evie! She is the perfect foil for Stephen

  • The fucking peaky blinders

  • Okay, lets please Hollywood. Next time lets cast an all black Latino cast 👍🏿!

  • I love how much stewart's sarcasm is riling up the conservatives. fuckin crowder has a video already xD

  • The audience is horrible...the only good thing about COVID was not having monologues interrupted every 4 seconds by what might as well be canned laughter. It’s practically unwatchable now

  • Mean while pm of NZ came to reality pm is not having a single inscripted interview.

  • This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Beyond embarrassing.

  • Evie has basically been stealing the show from Stephen, proving she is more popular than him.

  • This is pure propaganda.... Putin made Biden his B**** in front of the whole world

    • It didn't go as bad as you had hoped, huh (that is, a complete disgrace like Trump's Helsinky Summit)? Anyway, keep grasping and trying to convince us that Trump was better. I still get a bit of a thrill when I see you folks still crying...

  • Happy Father's Day, Steven Colbert.

  • 45th said this from day one.

  • This is some nice state propaganda here.

  • I had hoped Stephen Colbert would mention some of the other matters dicussed instead of pushing his audience for a laugh. The two President's did discuss working together on reducing the 16,000 nuclear warheads, repairing damages to the enviornment and working on setting limitations on Arctic drilling. Isn't it about time for the two nations to shake hands.

  • Anderson Cooper has the most childish giggle. It's endearing.

  • What a sad excuse for a human 😕😔. Never liked him anyway. Shitty actor and now an even shittier person.

  • I want what they have,love, commitment for life and Everything they are just too cute. ♥️