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4:39Maple Glider "Good Thing"
Maple Glider "Good Thing"Views 15K7 days ago
5:27Alex Falcone Performs Stand-Up
Alex Falcone Performs Stand-UpViews 122K7 days ago
5:53Meanwhile... The Universe Is A Donut
0:43Sean Hannity Revives Tinker Bell


  • Per usual Stephen is totally right I can't do the American accent. I bet they wouldn't even say mama and papa right

  • #theTurdReich LockthatphuckUP 🤡🦧

  • Jon just couldn't continue with the left's charade, Stephen can but he has a chip in his head.

  • The GOP is always trying to manufacture a false choice. A corollary would be saying if I wear pants, then I don't have to wear any underwear. Vaccines and mask wearing is not an either/or situation, but rather an and. Take the vaccine AND wear a mask. It's doubling up on the protection.

  • Hot damn I believe you did sell your soul to da devil.

  • can this version be released on spotify??

  • I actually got the sense that MTG was experiencing some second hand embarrassment by her colleague. Could it be?

  • Oh honey, you weren't the villain. It's just that every Jesus needs a Judas in any popular myth, and if there is no Judas, someone will be nominated for the position.

  • Hurt my ears..

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  • If there is a creation, then there's a creator

  • That escalated quickly

  • Damned i mised seeing your in front of the studio audience. So happy! Amazing. I confess i did not follow you during lockdown...its not the same....Sorry Stephen.... Cheers from portugal.

  • Sex parties happen; people just need to realize they're just not for everyone. That's all.

  • This guy is not being honest ,and he is trying to deny the reality , he is trying to create that illusion ,when he said that sassan Hussain had no character , by the way I am not defending Saddam ,but i am saying the truth.

  • Aww she's wearing one of her mum's curtains. That's so cute.

  • She speaking in elvish was extraordinary!!!! 🤪

  • Bond, James Bond

  • AOC first female president Let's do this!!!!

  • Best Word Salad ever: it's a Quantum Salad, Indeed. ;)

  • There should be a stand up somewhere having Mr.Bean and Jim Carrey together.

  • i saw bonnie many times but the 1st time was in a ski resort in Colorado she was pissed about something said some words slammed a beer and did a 2.5 encore that's my girl. fuck man who does that except bonnie you go girl i hope all the best for you!!

  • Tell it, girl!

  • I watched this show for the first time three years ago because of how he explained it and it’s one of my favorite shows ever

  • Im irish and finding a good irish accent is very rare

  • I was so excited that day I told my friends at school about it im a Beatles fan and I loved how they all dressed up like The Beatles

  • John Baptiste and the band are #1 !!!

  • Jocker smile

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  • This happens when the GOP realized that 97% of deaths are Trump Supporters. So avg, is about 450 deaths a day and going higher At 450 lost votes a day, by the end of this year 65, 300 Trump voters will die, by election 2022 another 125,550 will die Somebody figured it out on the GOP side, AND NOW THEY WANT YOU TO GET VACCINATED That equals 190,850 votes lost. You can't win any elections, Funny how money and votes change everything If it doesn't change, by election 2024 another 328,500 will be dead take all the deaths divide by 50 states avg 10,387 lost GOP votes per state Biden at 60% approval rate, YOUR BOSS KILLED HIS OWN VOTERS, and they are dropping like flies GOOD LUCK GOP LOL

  • republicans are all in favor of voting restrictions - putting restrictions on that will make voting more difficult for people who would vote Democrat. sooooooo, how about a few 'hospital restrictions'. a vaccination certificate means you can go to any hospital any time you want. but no vaccination - sorry, for YOU the hospital is only open 2 hours a day, and not on weekends oh no no... you can stand in line, but make sure nobody gives you water, or they will arrested. also, the parking lots will be closed, so you'll have to take the bus. and while SOME hospitals may be open to non-vaccinated people with some extended hours, they're waaaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere, and could take hours and hours to get to...

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  • Deepak's mad because the world has evolved past his nonsense. He knows the only people he can sell it to are all so stupid that they voted for Trump. He also knows Trump supporters hate him so he's fucked.


  • I think Steven got Jon with the herpes point...

  • Emilia Clarke is just absolutely GORGEOUS in all her interviews. Such a bubbly, bright, funny and genuine soul.

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  • Yikes. 😬 That's I good way to destroy your life, Jon. That is, speaking truth. Terrible, I know.

  • The media need a lockdown.

  • meanwhile in the filthy land of colbert gemini moon he is a viral

  • Love the Ed Sullivan impersonation! 🎉. Beatles makes it classic for sure w a sentimental quality, and a bowl cut 😂 as a stylist I have to laugh at that Ringo! Is it a remake? 💜. Plate spinning 😵‍💫 those were the days 🎶☀️🤣 I’m hearing… how you guy got discovered??? 🤔

  • Those bums are only encouraging vax because they fear their constituent base is dying out and their reelections are in jeopardy. Any idiot could have realized that from jump street. Speaks volumes about their intellect, but I'm sure that no one is surprised. I find it baffling that they claim to be pro-life but are anti-vaccine and anti-health care. Sounds hypocritical to me.

  • Gee, can you repeat "routers" one more time, to get the sheep to start bleating it?

  • China sucks

  • God must be angry. He sure brought many things out into the open ok?

  • Swiftie eversince 🥰❤️

  • Please run for president

  • Performance was so grown sexy

  • ha ha ha hilarious... I believe in Aliens but they wouldn't speak to Trump

  • Oh I see... This is the only way Colbert can criticise the Dems...

  • Don’t wanna be that guy. But he definitely became a lot older. His mind is a lot sharper in this interview then it is today

  • If you wear a mask you’re not giving covid to someone else. If you get two shots you’re less likely to get covid yourself. If you don't get shots you only hurt your family and friends. Am I missing something?

  • Unfortunately the people that Fox buried, will stay buried

  • Funny thing is in the 19th century when they started working on smallpox vaccines, there was equal opposition, which was parodied by a political cartoonist. I would not be surprised if there were people opposed to the polio vaccine.

  • Is he wearing a nirvana shirt??

  • If you wear a mask you’re not giving covid to someone else. If you get two shots you’re less likely to get covid yourself. If you don't get shots you only hurt your family and friends. Am I missing something?

  • Always pay a visit to this video time and again. Especially after that orange left WH. Stephen just killed it in this one 😂😂😭😭😭

  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! ( Trump 's father was a top man of KKK'S MEN

  • The virus is named after the lab because the lab discovered the virus. Not this. It's like Trump thinking there are 18 previous viruses because it's called Covid-19. Duh. 19 is the year.

  • I honestly don’t understand how being woke is a bad thing. I mean, woke as word and not a political term is an indication of being awake and aware. Therefore, it would be worse to not be woke as it indicates that you are sleepwalking through life in a date of high suggestibility.

  • This is why mr bean did not talk in the series because rowan is a well spoken man

  • "The secret of freedom is educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant." ~Robespierre “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” ~ Voltaire “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." ~ Charles Bukowski "Want of care does us more damage than want of knowledge." ~ Ben Franklin, from Poor Richard's Almanack Those who scorn public health guidelines during a deadly global pandemic and confuse a grievous public health issue with "essential" liberty to kill and harm themselves and their fellow citizens--as well as their nation--sorely lack both care and knowledge. They are also sorely lacking in common sense, something else about which Mr. Franklin was quite keen. Mr. Franklin was also one our nation's first scientists--yet these modern-day knuckleheads who ought know better refute science! Were he alive today, he would be rather dismayed, disgruntled, and disgusted with the fascist anti-science Republican cult, that much is crystal clear.

  • In a sane America----one where a third of the population wasn't programmed into a mindless, fascist Republican cult----we would have universal Covid-19 vaccine passports, masks and social distancing required wherever and whenever deemed necessary by public health officials, and mandatory vaccinations for all those able to receive it. Actually, in a sane America, none of that would be necessary, because everyone able would be voluntarily getting vaccinated, and everybody would be faithfully following CDC guidelines like wearing masks and socially distancing. They would be doing so because it is in there own best interest; because it is the moral and ethical thing to do to protect our fellow citizens; because we need to prevent the creation of new, more deadly variants; because it is the best way to recover the economy; because it is the best way to get things back to normal; because it is the civic, patriotic thing to do; and because it is just plain old-fashioned common sense.

  • These guys definitely knows something that we don't.

  • Come on, Tolkien makes beautiful nonsense!

  • Republicans: "We're killing democracy, America, our economy, and we can keep it great!"

  • Republicans like lambs being led to slaughter, cutting off their nose to spite their face!

  • FAUX News' Brian KillMe on Covid-19 vaccination: "If you get plastered, get behind the wheel, and kill a bunch of people with your vehicle, I'm not going to judge you...because that was your choice!"

  • So hows them Dems working out ? Lol cant wait to see the state of the usa in another 6 months .... congratz psml

  • Covfefe is probably the greatest Trump achievement ever. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Emily was a delight to watch. So natural talented and beautiful. And the dress was amazing.