Hot Take hails return of twice-impeached coup leader Trump

Published on May 28, 2021
Hot Take sounds off on the rumors of a Trump 2024 campaign, the Wuhan lab leak theory, Marjorie Taylor Greene's latest incendiary comments, and more with best-selling author Sebastian Junger.

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Clip air date 5/27/2021

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  • While I like Colbert, I agree with almost everyone in that I think the Colbert Report was by far his best work. Part of the problem is the outdated format and prolonging late-night talk shows after it's more or less become a self-parody. I don't think it's a coincidence that some of the show's best writing is literal parody and in a similar vein as the Colbert Report; though stylistically different. These "Tooning Out the News" segments is unfortunately so good that it makes the writing in the other segments look conspicuously hacky. The rest still have funny bits, but they're much more spaced out, self-deprecatingly cheesy, and hit-or-miss, while in these segments they're one right after the other.

  • What happened to the voices?

  • Fake news

  • Yeah. I remember when the Orange Stain had no chance of winning in 2016...That went well, no?

  • “…who I now believe died of bad cocaine, leaked from the Wuhan lab…” 😄

  • 1:10 👍🤡🤪😜🤣😂✌ "Equine Cosmetic Surgeon!"

  • "random Wuhan guess [possibly] true" sometimes comedy days it all so succinctly

  • “... provided he still has a good bill of health.” Since Trump writes his own doctor’s notes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • "It's time to harvest Eric for a whole new set of organs, It's the only reason he was born and it's time to earn his keep." hahahahahahaha

  • Awesome ;-)

  • That was tedious beyond belief!!! What happened? Did Colbert die, or what???

  • insecure news.

  • Isn't it nice you can be replaced by a idiot-level cartoon and no one notices. Hope rehab is going well.

  • The mouthpiece for the larger flush did lasting damage to our country.

  • Greene obviously takes to many steroids..she looks like a bad drag queen

  • when he first ran for office, lots of people seemed to think it was funny and good that someone who so clearly shouldn't have a chance would be the candidate to drain the republican party's efforts in 2016. I watched arguments where on one side you had 'this will be good for the democrat candidate's odds', and on the other side people saying 'it isn't worth the risk of letting him get that close to supreme executive power in the US'. History has shown a clear and decisive winner on that one. If you won't remember history from four years ago, you might repeat it. I'd rather the opposition run someone less dangerous for everyone, even if that means they've got better odds of gaining the executive branch in 2024.

  • "Freedom, to me, is everyone I hate in jail." The writers are just too brilliant. Also "Terry Schiavo-ing my toe" oh my god 😂🙈

  • and still no new shit...pretty sure Memorial day is still ONE FUCKING DAY

  • This guest has it completely wrong, i really get annoyed when people underestimate Trump - Trump will go as low as it takes to get what he wants. Trump has a cult-like followers and is more popular than any other GOP candidate. His supporters are willing to kill and overthrow the government to get Trump back - Do not think for a second that Trump has no chance of winning! If not Trump himself, someone who acts like Trump (Gaetz or Marjorie etc) will win.

  • GOLD

  • Who is that Greene woman? Is she a stripper or something?

  • Just for some fun. What if, Biden, old, quits, Harris takes over. T**** will loose on a biblical level.

    • Not, enough, commas,,

  • Ummm we thought he had no chance of winning the first time. Now he’s 1-1. I don’t like those odds.

  • 2024 could be the last election you will have to worry about. If the Republicans take the congress they will not allow anyone to be sworn in unless it's a Trump or the person they choose.

  • Come all without Come all within You ain't seen Treason 'till you hear Mike Flynn. Come all without Come all within You ain't seen Treason 'till you hear Mike Flynn I pine for Trump just like the rest Myanmar's coup is sweet I pimp for Q ,for you know who, 'cause fascism is neat Everybody's lovin' Joe so they all put him in But when Flynn the Treasoner gets here All the Trumpers gonna run to him Come all without Come all within You ain't seen Treason 'till you hear Mike Flynn.

  • Great.

  • 💜2021✨Amen pass the Word #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 Daniel 11-12 Revelation 20-21 keeping the Faith 💜😎

  • origin of virus. Riots for democracy in china. The police lost to the civilians, the military refused to murder the population, within days of the Chinese military's refusal we get a virus in wuhan caused from poor people eating bats. Not only was it insulting to hypothesize that a tyrant could be cruel enough to deny his country a democratic government at the populations demand and after force wouldn't work for him he said "release a virus and blame it on the poor" and the riots for democracy were instantly halted. Then the dictator was quoted saying watch how democratic countries will suffer more because their people do not follow their rulers lead. Not only did they stop the riots, but the people say many rejecting wearing masks, rejecting the vaccines, rejecting their governments instructions. Not only were the democracy seeking rioters dispersed, they were taught that democracy is not worth fight for, that their society is in safer hands being controlled by their wise dictator. Look into it yourself, I may not be completely accurate but thats my recollection of how world events unfolded before covid-19 was widespread.

  • "Railed everyone at the space gym." Gold.

  • Always funny satire 🤣

  • Thinks GOLD, oh my goodness!

  • The dude interviewed was somehow full of more shit than the loony caricature characters.

  • Hard punches

  • Are we supposed to just ban metaphors like some kind of Hitler?! The others were just trying too hard 🤣

  • I liked Kevin McSofty.

  • Is Virtue Signal the name of the ditzy anchor with long brown hair? She's caliente!!

  • Holy shit his fist is tiny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The president Joe Biden is now making inappropriate comments to a 9 year old girl... impeach Joe Biden as a kid toucher.... amazing Dems support this as well as Stephen Colbert comments to a 9 year old girl

    • @Sooner Boomer turn off CNN and watch real news ... Australian news tv night news .. england night tv news .. American .. any news station that provides you with real news ... WBAL ... Etc. was viewed by military who were forced to be there and captured it as not alot follow or listen to Joe Biden speak. It's a joke when he speaks. I am sure you believe you get the untested vaccine and you can't get covid-19...ask Bill Maher...bill is on HBO ... Or the 3000 other from CA who tested positive for covid-19 which bill Maher mentioned or the 9 new York Yankees ... All vaccinated and then York Yankees are a sports team....anyway keep drinking the koolaide

    • @james eaton Again, NAME YOUR SOURCE. "Every news station in the world" DOES NOT CUT IT!! And don't expect me to follow your red herrings! Face it -- someone in your social media echo chamber posted a lie, and you pounced on it like a dog in heat.

    • @Sooner Boomer every news station in the world except for the lib news stations. Here is a clue ... Follow the money and just like 82 million people voted for Joe .. yet no one around and viewership for all his appearances the lowest in history...and he is yet to complete a sentence. It's ok to be lied to and believe your people. Sheep are cool that way.

    • @james eaton If you're talking about his speech at Langley then you're full of it. It was recorded by the local TV station, and a transcript is also posted on the WH web site. So what's your source, smart guy?

    • @Sooner Boomer wow ever news source has captured it and replayed it to include other countries all over the world talking about Joe Biden the pedophile. Keep getting your information from the lib fake news and good luck. Hey I have some great land in Florida to sell you and it includes a nice bridge. Wow the sheep

  • Is this a new thing?? It's AMAZING

  • Apparently the only imports t~~~~ and his devotees want from his South American neighbors are their most corrupt forms of government and business.

  • Is Bonnie Davis related to Luanne Platter, the niece of Peggy and Hank Hill?

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trump charity got shut down for illegal (ILLEGAL) money practices... so now he says to his followers, "don't send money to RINO's for their campaigns...send it to" If he runs again it will be for two purposes. 1. to steal money from contributors and 2. to try to say he can't be indicted because he is running for president. TOTAL MAFIA IN ACTION.

  • 2:19 "... for a pandemic we would have bungled no matter where it came from ...". Yep. Nailed it. Lest we forget. The US might have done better if Trump hadn't disbanded the NSA's Pandemic Response Team in 2018.

  • lol, *decades of violence and turmoil that sometimes is helped by our presence there*.... yeah in the 50s when we murdered a few democratically elected leaders that helped spur the violence, then we kinda continued to murder leaders there for decades, then when Russia decided it wanted to plunge it's hand into the cookie jar that is the middle east, we armed terrorist organizations to fight the Russians, that then expanded to eventually commit acts of terrorism on our own soil which then spurred idiots to start a full occupation of the land and ensure people we liked won "elections" there... The British empire started the shit in the middle east when it's empire receded and left a power vacuum with no boundaries for countries that would form after they left... but make no mistake since after WWII we have been a constant presence and we have been constantly feeding into escalating the violence and turmoil in the region.... there is no "sometimes" it has been damned near constant. Most recently we are seeing the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel with weapons we provided to them, and the Saudi's we have been providing them with weapons for decades and all they do with them is demolish cities and towns with no regard to whether combatants are present or whether they are just murdering the people present...

  • Lets face it Democrats will inevitably set Donalds challenger as the only person who could lose against Donald Trump... If we hadn't just come off 4 years of Trump and if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic where we were all held hostage at home watching what he and congressional Republicans were doing Biden probably would have lost... Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are among the only people who can lose against Donald Trump, and the fact there were so many better candidates with actual fucking plans that they laid out before they won the primary is mind bogglingly stupid and irritating...

  • Actually, Trump didn't have any chance of winning the first time. Trump cut Taxes for the Wealth Class and Corporations, he appointed all the Judges hand-picked by the Koch Brothers' Federalist Society and he almost cut Obamacare without a replacement plan. Trump went off the rails however, making too many people aware and angry and he screwed the pooch on the Pandemic so, the 1% decided that he needed to go and they're looking for a replacement. It could be a Democrat but it will most likely be a Republican because no matter what Trump did and before him Dubya, they had a large number of supporters.


  • Love the writing but the 98% SHOUTY aspect makes it hard to listen to.

  • This Tyler Templeton is on point with his crazy over the top parody of Fox News commentators! They should add him to their lineup; OOPS, I guess they can’t! He’s on a Viacom Property! “Kevin McSaucey?” Oh please! He is not “hot;”well maybe Eleanor is getting all hot over Bill Gates twerking and Minority Leader McCarthy doing what he does best - “F” The Congress Up & Carrying Trump’s Water! “I learned how to whistle” (Then She Proceeds To Snaps Her Fingers)! Bonnie, poor Bonnie! Thanks TOTN Team!

  • Donald Christ. Omg 🤣😂🤣

  • Anyone notice the Black Cartoon News Lady only spoke once the whole time? Just saying. Fucking hilarious

  • ColdBert has the TDS real bad.

  • Impeachment means nothing because it was a soft coup attempt by Democrats that was crushed in the Senate. There was unrest Jan 6. But Trump never instructed anyone at that political justice rally to run up the steps and breach the capitol.

  • “I don’t care who votes. I control who counts the votes.” - Joseph Stalin … Beware the endless recounts and GOP legislatures who now have the discretion to disregard any result they don’t like. This is the deep and quiet coup going on in the United States right now.

    • You nailed it. If all these voting laws stick we'll be living that country too. Republicans have always wanted one party rule and they're getting closer by the day. With trumps supreme court we don't stand a chance. We will end up just like Russia. I hope I'm dead by then.

    • This. But if its a consolation, the US was never a true democracy, but a plutocratic oligarchy... How many senators have a net worth of less than a few million $?

  • *_"....Equine Cosmetic Surgeon..."_* 🐴 🙊😆🤣🤣

  • "Has almost chance to win" Oh, so he's a comedian.

  • If people want the Us to fix a country constantly in the grips of civil war, might I suggest they start with the United States of America ?

  • So the guy who's famous for lying every time he says anything says he's running in 2024. Clearly, this must be true, then. It couldn't be that he's just collecting all the donation money he can to pay off his debts to Russia.

  • Oh good god ...!! No way this fool runs again. Do you really think Trump will risk being a two time loser..? Not to mention he will be 78 and have only one term / 4 yrs left. The guy lost the Presidency the House and the Senate yet they want him to be their nominees....? Ok ...!!!

    • Never underestimate the power of Trump's ego....

  • Trump will need a wheelchair to get down a ramp in 2024!!!

  • This MF show fucking slaps!

  • prison will take care of his hotel problem

  • It's sad that a parody of Fox is almost a word for word copy and not an over the top satire.

  • Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs

  • Restrepo was an amazing documentary.

  • I can go along with harvesting DJTJ's organs, but NOT to insert into Feckless leader. Orange Julius Caesar needs to retire to Florida and go quietly to Debtor's Prison.

  • harvest Eric Organs and And it's time for him to earn his keep🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Love Sebastian 😂😂❤️

  • Oh gawd! No more Trump! Puhleeze!! This country sucks for most of us because of the rotten GOP!

  • Oven roasted overlord 😂

  • Sebastian Junger turned in the best performance on this segment... ever. Surprising how straight-from-the-heart expression can be funny and compelling.

  • Mr. Donald J.Trump, a resident of the State of Florida, must run for Congress in 2022. When he wins a Florida seat, and the Republicans REGAIN control of the House of Representatives, Mr. Trump will be elected to Speaker of the House. His first duty as Speaker of the House, is to bring articles of impeachment against the illegitimately elected President, Joe Biden and Vice President Harris. When they are duly impeached by the House, and subsequently removed by the Senate, Speaker Trump, third-in-line for the Presidency, (as per the United States Constitution) would become the President of the United States. Mr. Trump will complete Biden’s unfinished term. President Trump will STILL be eligible to run in 2024 for the Presidency of the United States of America…

  • This is funny! I love the edge

  • I think you meant *TWICE ACQUITTED*

    • Right. O.J. Simpson was acquitted, too. ¬‿¬

  • This is some funny shit! ..... thankfully animated characters can serve up some sarcastic quipping without getting over woke'd.

  • Vertical worm dance!!😂😂😂😂

  • Twice impeached?

    • Missed that in the news? ¬‿¬

  • ''Harvest Eric'' lol

  • Can we have the names.of the toons.

  • I can't remember even hearing the word 'Freedom' in political talk before I started following American politics. I have a comparative sense of how 'free' I am. : compared to North Koreans I think I am freer, compared to Chinese people I feel less constricted by my government, but 'Freedom' has never been a main component of British politics. Maybe we assume we are already free? I wonder what I could be doing if I were freer than I already am, and the only change I can see that would allow me to do things I presently cannot, is More Money!

  • vertical worm dance lmao . this is infinitely more funny than colbert show

  • The chief bear tellingly borrow because division realistically love amid a redundant cone. barbarous, uneven difference

  • 'Are we supposed to just ban metaphors like some kind of Hitler?' 😂

  • 👋

  • I used to skip Tooning Out The News. But then I let autoplay go and saw you all drag Friends for STEALING Living Single's soul and you got a fan in me now. Here I am

  • "Don't you mean condone?"

  • Trump is not running Trump won't be able to run this man was twice in peace he's a criminal and you're going to allow him to run for president again how much foolishness are you going to keep putting out to the public those are more lies a man who is incarcerated comes out of jail they locked up a black woman because she wasn't aware she couldn't vote because she had a situation with the law, and if a person who is released from prison after years can't vote but this son of a gun can run for president really that's the America that as Tim Scott said is not racist

  • Take Back The Future. Join The Sundance For A Constitutional Convention And Renovate The Republic. Visit Your Governor.

  • MTG grates on my last nerve.. Her words are nonsense and she's a paranoid half-wit.

  • Afghanistan is not in the Middle East! 4:50. ffs!

  • Wait, if he believes he's STILL POTUS, he CAN'T run again in 2024. You know, term limits 😉

    • You got a point there, since most of the Republicans act like he's still in the office, maybe someone can explain that to him, then maybe he will concede,

  • Sebastian kinda looks like a goomba who traded in his harmonica for a pair of outdated headphones.

  • Everyone who supports Trump is a collaborator, in the attempted destruction of the Constitutional Government and they should be treated as such. And Oklahoma had better hang on to their hats when Texans all start carrying guns without any control but their own human stupidity. Police won't even be able to trace a gun crime, without a record of ownership

  • I really don't like stupid people even if they are cartoons. Where did we go wrong?? lead poisoning? inbreeding? bad education? toxins in hairspray?


  • Do people actually think Trump cant win? I mean the GQP has been doing so much gerrymandering, voter suppression and ballot recounts until they win. There is an insanely high chance of Trump winning at this rate. And the doormat democrats will do very little to stop them. Stop trying to work with those assholes and start punishing them for their bullshit.

  • EmpTy Gees is so full of air

  • Kevin mcsofty!!!!!!!!!

  • " be truly autonomous and free you actually have to carry a lot of weight as a human animal. If you're not willing to do that you probably will not be free." That's an interesting conclusion. I think by "carry a lot of weight" he's saying you have to be brave, because you'll come across situations where your freedom will be challenged. But he could also mean you have to be someone who society respects, even if just a little. Imagine the reactions they might have gotten if they were three black men walking along the tracks, or three women.