Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory

Published on Jun 15, 2021
We're back in the Ed Sullivan Theater and it's only right that Stephen's first guest is none other than friend of the show, Jon Stewart. What did they talk about? The pandemic, obviously.

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  • As a minor FYI, Austin has millions of bats. Not thousands.

  • I came here to watch what people are ranting about. That Colbert tried to shut down Stewart. That wasn't what happened at all. Stewart is stating the Wuhan Lab theory as fact. It's not yet confirmed. Colbert is saying that it is a theory atm and it needs to be substantiated. Colbert is right here. He didn't try to shut Stewart down at all. He let Stewart run with it. He knew what Stewart was saying was controversial and just made jokes to that effect. Another storm in a tea cup. Clearly, people are seeing what they want to see in this clip to suit their politics, but objectively it's nothing of significance.

  • John Stewart showing his prejudices and bias .... shame

  • The old expression, "If it looks like shit and smells like shit, it's shit" comes to mind here.

  • Y'all do not understand satire and it shows.

    • @zzyzyyy Oh...well if several news media outlets are reporting it.... But yes, he is a comedian.

    • Several news media have reported that Jon Stewart is pushing the lab leak theory. He has not said a word to refute that. Also Jon Stewart is a comedian. He delivers things in a funny way. If he was joking he wouldn't have done it in a way that made everyone think he's being serious. No one would be so ambiguous about such a big issue.

  • July 30 interview with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology: @ Listen for Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

  • For a cliched leftist comic, stewart is relatively funny.

  • Science is literally why we’re able to watch this…All science haters need to burn their phones, TVs, cars, etc. However I doubt they’d know how fire works so that might create some problems.

  • I hope no wars break out from his jokes.

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  • JON STEWART 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Jon just couldn't continue with the left's charade, Stephen can but he has a chip in his head.

  • Tell it, girl!

  • I think Steven got Jon with the herpes point...

  • Yikes. 😬 That's I good way to destroy your life, Jon. That is, speaking truth. Terrible, I know.

  • Please run for president

  • The virus is named after the lab because the lab discovered the virus. Not this. It's like Trump thinking there are 18 previous viruses because it's called Covid-19. Duh. 19 is the year.

  • It’s great he’s come out with this but why delay till Biden? Why not say this stuff a year ago? Oh, that’s right, Jon is a Democrat shill

  • Jon Stewart always seems to be in his element. He's been one of my favorite comedians for years.

  • Time will come to tell that fauchi is involved in it's development! He is satan!

  • Trump says it and it's bad...... Jon Stewart says it and it's good.....

  • And who was funding a good deal of the research in Wuhan? Why didn't he go on to the step step in the chain of logic?

  • I miss when Stephen Colbert wasn't a corporate shill.

  • how is this still on YT? :D

  • Colbert proves his paycheck more important than his integrity..So happy I stopped watching years ago.

  • 5:33 Jon: "Stop with the....(nouns)"

  • Wow, a masterful symbiosis of comedic and logical delivery to get the word out on a taboo phenomenon ON MAINSTREAM TELEVISION! Much respect for Stewart 🙌

  • How is Colbert really going to recommend trusting everything Fauci says? Man has lord and multiple occasions and gets his info from China. Who is really drinking the koolaid?

  • Panic panic panic someone is telling the truth oh my god panic panic panic let’s but to a commercial break so we don’t have people listening to someone spitting facts.


  • Disgusting.

  • I saw it already several times during the last weeks and it is still hilariius. 😄😍

  • Colbert isn't funny because he's the Teacher's Pet. The Teacher's Pet is never ever funny.

  • My theory seeing what's going on since November 2019, This virus was manufactured in a Lab, it was to be used in Hongkong to disperse the umbrella movement, it is also to be used in Taiwan to seize Taiwan. Wuhan was the testing ground. What followed thereafter was a false flag operation to steal the election from Trump, and at the same time to extend this opportunity to the world for their one world government in 2030. CCP style totalitarian regime will be the head in the one world government run by the left in usa for this new totalitarian world government. Every government the world over is part of this false flag operations. The original 2019 wuhan virus symptoms is different from the false flag operation. The wuhan virus effects were that your muscles totally cramped up, like seizures, or like strokes. What we are being told now are fake numbers created by every government, to instill fear, suppression and suffering so these criminal governments can have total control. Once this happens with the lockdowns, people will eventually rise up and fight back for basic survival. This is what the globalist and the puppet governments wants, a chaos so they can unleash martial law and eradicate as many people as possible, like how Bill Gates suggested, to bring down the population by 80%. The worst people that will suffer these effects are children as they will be robbed of their childhood. Politicians are sadistic, so they place self enrichment before human lives. That is the sad truth. All the annual flu bug numbers are now the false covid numbers. if you want to discuss further , attack me or be on my side. I love to read what you all have to say. To stay healthy, just take your Vitamin C. Hydroxychloroquine works but the government refuses to use that on the citizens as that's not the narrative of the corrupted WHO and Fauci, the one that started all this. Government always lies so does their propaganda media. The biggest liars are TWATers, FAKEBOOK, Google, Corrupt News Network.(cnn) and more. Peace to all until the uprising. God be with us to take down these tyrants.

  • It’s funny, it’s almost like their roles and mannerisms are reversed from 10 years ago

  • Jon coming onto stephan’s show as a fake pseudo conservative mouthpiece is on brand for 2020/2021

  • When Colbert asked Jon Stewart -- JON STEWART of all people -- "When did you start working for Ron Johnson?", that's when I stopped watching Colbert. Game over.

  • Once a legend always a legend.

  • Alex jones right again

  • Steve Colbert is a Democrat. Explained

  • this is your reminder that Jon Stewart is an entertainer and not a scientist

  • Colbert your a dork

  • CSIRO Geelong Australia collaborated w wuhan bat lady years ago on novel c viruses Shady at

  • Treasonous Clowns.

  • The world demand WHO to investigate US Army laboratory at Fort Detrick NOW !!! The hidden origin of COVID 19 !!! Reference:

  • Isn't American also consume wildlife such as Bear, Deer, Moose, wild Hog, Muskrat, Snake, pheasant & Bison etc. So that American behavior also link to Coronavirus indeed !


  • I love love LOVE Jon Stewart! You’re dearly missed Jon!

  • Utter conspiracy BS there no evidence it was created in a lab and anyone believes it was without evidence is not of sound mind but some people only seem able to believe the conspiracy , it having the same name means nothing and pandemics just happen on their own as history has shown multiple times

    • @RegularOldRug He predicted an outbreak would happen and there's even a way older text book warning of the risks of another outbreak happening due to the lack of standards in these animal markets but none of this means the decease was made in a lab to infect the whole world, its truly absurd

    • You'll be wrong. Even fauci was writing about it a long time ago

  • If only Jon was still relevant in the media. ..


  • I think we should all go back to work. Do you know why? Because most people think this is stupid and don’t believe it, but the lockdowns force everyone to isolate in fear while the mainstream feeds you misinformation, then have the gall to call you a radical. It was very refreshing to know that the mainstream position seems to be the minority opinion among free thinkers.

  • You'll have more luck looking at FORT DETRICK for a breakout. Bit like the hysteria about nuclear weapons and finger pointing, when it's the U.S who have used them and sell them to others who actively use them - to try to halt their relative decline on the world stage (Both as a so-called 'Leader' and morally)

  • 👏🏻👏🏻

  • peanut butter comes from peanuts chocolate comes from coco beans but covid does not come from the Wuhan Covid Lab where they study the corona virus? *FACEPALM* at every liberal out there!

  • 7:15 Stephen's true look of joy is intoxicating.

  • I dont believe in thus theory at all.

  • This virtual covid / flu virtual epidemic was created to make another artificial economic crisis, this is the work of the international elite, the people who rule the "democratic countries"who usually make a lot of money with loans to governments (in crisis) (which are elected by these same elites and that posess the media.) what is called -sovereign debt bonds-they live off the interest of these bonds. I think it was created by one or one of the biggest public relations companies in the world (the ones that usually do brainwashing before wars start-to prepare populations-with the help of the first advanced artificial intelligence programs-and of course the work of governments, which are put in place by this elite - In China - the epidemic only lasted a month - until the Chinese realized what had happened. And the fact that Trump was against the epidemic movement,it`s a very important part of brainwashing ,the fundamental element of the belief cration, his opposition was part of the brainwashing itself- Just like the other bad guy - who is Bolsonaro in Brasil! they have the role of polarizing the public's attention and their natural aversion to these figures leads people to crystallize more quickly the widespread belief - this is a technique of social psychology. But an interesting thing I noticed about this story is that people unconsciously know that this is all a hoax, because otherwise they wouldn't walk into restaurants and cafes and social events without masks- they just don't leave the house for fear of to die - the survival instinct is powerful - and to receive the injections, the authorities would not need to advise them to receive the injections, the problem would be another - is that people would riot, in the hospitals to steal the injections and inject them themselves .as soon as possible.

  • Damn, I miss Jon Stewart being on TV regularly.

  • Where did he get the lab’s name?

    • He created it to advance his joke. The actual name is Wuhan Institute of Virology - that's been the name since 1978.

  • True comedy is a commentary on what everyone is thinking. This is why late night hosts haven’t been that funny, because they commentate on what you are “supposed” to be thinking.

  • Props to CBS for actually posting it.

  • I clicked this expecting to hear the same liberal bullshit I’ve been hearing for the past year and a quarter. This reminded me why I used to be liberal.. it used to be the sane side, glad Jon is still sane.

  • If you're vaccinated, STAY AWAY FROM ME! I don't want the virus they put in you. If you can't survive this weak Chinese virus, you shouldn't be alive. Stop playing God. There are already to many people in this world. Please stop

  • I've always Jon I've never liked Donald. Jon helps vets. Donald helps himself. You don't even have to understand science to realize Jon is a much much better person.. because he's a person

  • Jon Stewart the brilliant liberal comedian figures it out!!! Any modestly intelligent person with the ability to listen to a few hours of research knew a year ago...

  • Trevor Noah is soooooooooo bad!!

  • Fact: there is no vaccination against the C19 Delta variant - nor the other variants. But, I'm not worried. I bought a good supply of Ivermectin, and along with my vitamin C, D3, zinc, and selenium, if I catch a virus, I will do the Ivermectin protocol. One good thing about C19, is that it lets you know when you have caught it; you lose your sense of smell. A couple of months ago, India's death rate was through the roof. Then immediately after the roll-out of the Ivermectin protocol, their death rate dropped dramatically. That's why you don't hear much about India any more. Mexico uses Ivermectin, too. And they are out of the news, too. So, to your point - one doesn't have to worry - or wait for a new super vaccine. All one has to do is have Ivermectin and some different supplements and be ready for whatever comes - without fear. Here's two links to help you get Ivermectin in the USA.


  • Steven is just a 🐓holster for the CCP

  • steve is such a turd

  • Thumbs up for Jon Stewart and down for Colbert

  • 9.1k Chinese trolls hackers and commies went over drive to dislike the truth 😂 and the Democratic party ass kissers barely refrained from disliking this. Barely lol

  • coronavirus is a virus that existed before the pandemic. covid-19 is a new type of coronavirus. this is problem of blindly mixturing politics with comedy.

  • jon stewart is not aging well

  • It's just a Mask and a one is asking you to storm the beaches at Normandy !!!!

  • 100% gold

  • Science is the holly spirit of 21th century

  • What happened to Steven colbert. I remember watch colbert report and loving it. Maybe it was just cus I was young. He's just a mindless advocate for for liberals agenda.

  • This is what a Democrat looks like when he isn't owned by Chinese media companies

  • Is that someone from the left admitting truth 🤔🤣🤣

  • I love how coberts brainwashing just couldn’t let him tell the truth it’s like he has to cover the lies that are fed to the public!

  • ☣🇺🇸🇧🇱🇬🇧☣fort detrick theory is fact! TOP SECRET OF Ft Detrick has a long history of creating bio warfare for a century. Was doing research on covid for decades.

  • See kids this is real showmanship at work . Jon Stewart in his right element.

  • I trust Scientology more then the science of Anthony "Wishy-washy" Fauci. He's too invested in this Frankenstein's monster!

  • I am sick , corona in me ,, ok so ,,, don't touch me. Period

  • Don't say , Florida ,,, F U

  • Sunday it , is found in usa. !,

  • Jon is a National treasure

  • The fact that the lab is there with the name it has is actually a pretty weak argument to support the lab leak theory. They tend to build labs that study particular viruses in areas where those viruses tend to emerge, eg. Wuhan, China. Correlation does not equal causation. To run with Stewart’s analogy, the Hershey factory was built next to a chocolate river, because that’s the logical place to build a chocolate factory. Chocolate spilling into the streets could be the fault of the factory, or it could be the river flooding.

    • Yes, but remember this is just J. Stewart's comedy bit meant to shed light on the underlying facts. 3 researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) became so sick, they went to the hospital in Nov 2019 per a U.S. intelligence report. There were at least 4 other SARS lab breaches in China since 2004. And only one of WIV's numerous labs follows BSL-4 (the highest biosafety protocol that includes full body suits with oxygen). "Others are designated BSL-3 and even BSL-2, roughly as secure as an American dentist’s office." Not saying we know anything for sure, but there's enough to investigate the theory. You can't put all that into a comedy bit, LOL! But yes, I agree, one can have correlation without causation, of course. The first thing you learn when you're studying any branch of science.