Kelsey Lu "let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out" - With Kelly Moran

Published on Jun 2, 2021
We’re thrilled to present the amazing cellist and singer Kelsey Lu performing her song “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud seep out” accompanied by Kelly Moran on piano for A Late Show’s series.

Directed by Kelsey Lu and Yani Barki

Director of Photography Alex Gvojic

Audio Engineer Aaron David Ross

Set Design by Kelsey Lu, Yani Barki and Alex Gvojic

Styling by Kelsey Lu

Steady Cam Operator Jeffrey Clanet

First AC Patrick Scanlon

Special thanks to Performance Space New York

Yamaha piano provided by Yamaha Artist Services New York

Executive Producer Kelsey Lu

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  • some artists could never

  • in the studio version, did she get solange to do those vocals

  • Umm.

  • the new queen of crochet has arrived

  • Sounds like Kate Bush.

  • Well that title just rolls off the tounge.

  • Phrase written in I Claudius back in the 1920s

  • is anyone actually calling this 'too experimental' or whatever??

  • Ohhh myyyy she is Devine!! Steady, ethereal and solid voice, beautiful artistic vision.

  • Wow! So creative!!

  • poison, venom and a cello.... I'm addicted

  • Reminds me of Aurora...even the hairstyle is similar. Be fun if they collaborated! Wow the amazing things that would come out of that!!

  • Great tune.... for a Floppy Hat Book club. Ya'll know D'kind. BUBBLY bath, sunglasses......

  • This would be so great in an A24 horror movie.

  • Okay Colbert. Thanks.

  • "hatch out." far as I know, this is a line from I Claudius

  • I love seeing incredibly talented people, no generic recycled content here just pure creative beauty


  • Reminds me of the open, free jazz feel of Kate Bush’s “50 Words for Snow.”

  • I adore her💚💚💫

  • Smouldering sexy talented artist😎

  • Siren patterns through and through

  • meh.

  • I'll try again in 10 years. I guess since Björk and Tori Amos haven't released something since 2017, there has to be a new one.

  • Tori Amos vibes for it ❤️

  • First heard let all the poisons that lurk in the mud etc said by Dereck Jacobi in the TV series I Claudius many years ago . It lingered in my head all these years .

  • She is so amazing with everything she brings!! There can be nobody like her...

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  • This is so good !!

  • tonight I feel somethin speciallll 😔💔

  • Terrible!!!!!!

  • Maravillosa, única!!!!! la amo desde su ep Church

  • This is not art.

  • holy hell.. this young lady is glad we get this news in new zealand ..


  • I’ve been following her for a while yall should listen to her other work it’s so good all her albums are good


  • So good

  • wow...just wow. my new favorite artist.

  • Thank u kesley

  • I know Stephen likes Lord of the Rings, but this was just terrible. lol at the top comment about any of that shit being good or talented. Mediocre singer rolls around on the ground with fake smoke and stage lights. Totally amazing. Weird how the talented artists just perform instead of doing nonsense C-level theater shit.

  • Holy shit she sounds UNREAL

  • Speechless

  • amazing, incredible, showstopping.. god i just love her


  • Computer generated crap.

  • love when a song ascends you into a completely new aura. it’s green, comforting, and heartful, I love it. been my go to therapy track for the past couple of months.

  • The One. My favorite artist for the past decade.

  • Loving that she stood up and basically said quotation is mines "Stop asking the same shit over and over"


  • I've been waiting for her come-up since day one! or day whenever she did that stylelikeu interview video in 2015

    • And Props to YVES TUMOR for co-creating this track

  • Her artistry is unmatched, she is one & only!

  • 2 consecutive midday music uploads = colbert's definitely checked out this week 🤙


  • What drugs do I need to be on to begin to understand this?

    • @Akiro Kiro ty simple

    • Lemme quote the great Jack Donaghy on what you need: two ears and a heart.

    • How cliche do we need to be when anything strange happens we look to person like he or she’s drugs can it just be they are genuinely weird or maybe imaginative

    • All flows together well shebis clearly talented very impresssonistic voice she is the real thing no pretense

    • There is cello section, soulful singing, and tribal electronic beat section at the end it reminds me of kate bush the dreaming era or something by like alice coltrane but modern version

  • What a load of self indulgent bollocks!

  • genuinely so beautiful I'm taken away


  • Is this a new rock opera?

  • Cool but it gets confusing after she plays her instrument.

  • Hmmm.....ummmm.....unique, interesting, artistic? 🤔

  • I, Claudius

    • @Jason Dworkin I find the title so intriguing. Too bad it has no substance. TY for confirming, Jason.

    • @fr099er99 I don't think it goes any deeper that the correlation of the title.

    • @Jason Dworkin Yes, I read the books. I read the song title. Claudius made a profound observation about the succession of Nero. Does the song contain a correlation which I can't hear?

    • “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.” Robert Graves, I, Claudius

    • @fr099er99 Its the quote in the title she used.

  • This has no groove. None.

    • 👎

  • if this is a little too experimental for anyone, listen to some of her songs from her Debut like "Due West", "Foreign Car", or "I'm not in Love". Kelsey is an incredibly talented artist, and has a bright future ahead!

  • meu deus kelsey, que lindo

  • Its a sad state music is in when all someone has to do is be slightly different, and pop culture calls them the next Bethoven. Not gonna lie it kind of sucks. Like bad.

    • It’s even more sad that we live in the most judgemental time and dismissing someone as another paeudo type or whatever without giving it a chance and delving desper into her artistry there is no pretense here she is the real thing

    • I agree with your statement it’s true but she does not deserve this wrong person to call out

    • I agree with you but in this case she is actually extremely authentic this is being misunderstood check out her other music and her collaborations woth Yves Tumor she is real thing i mean it

    • Not a Chad💀💀💀

    • oh chad. chad, chad, chad. is this even a name? or is it just a joke

  • Why is Stephen on break! Lol

  • It's like bits of 3 different songs patched together artificially, and big chunks missing. Like her dress, lol. Waste of talent, sorry.

  • Finally someone who is original. Heard some overtones of ... well, I wish her luck.!!


  • yo, i loved it. i watched it with a bunch of trippy effects and it was almost tailored to my settings. lerved it.


  • just amazing

  • Jesus. SMH. Listen to yourselves. Small minds keep the world small. Try to appreciate beauty for what it is. There's only so much of it.


    • Nicely put ❤

  • Hauntingly beautiful.


  • & just like that, I'm in love!


  • Not sure what to think about the song itself but her performance was incredibly unique especially the black magic she used to keep her one boob from falling out after all that movement.

  • Beautiful & haunting. I want too hear more of her work before ANY extra judgment cast beyond She's lovely & very talented.

    • @David R Thank you for the heads up on BLOOD. I am now hooked! She's awesome!


    • @David R period

    • Stream Blood.

  • Her legs and underarms have more hair than mine

  • She can sing, she can play the cello, but she can't find her underwear. Seriously, how am I supposed to react to this, if I say I like her t*ts I'm a sexist pig but if I say she should cover them up I'm offending her female identity or some such crap... It's all so confusing!

  • Awsome dud

  • Voice and performance is great, but the dress not so much. Hope for a big future for her.

  • Gorgeous 👏👏 fantastic!

  • Wow fantastic 😙

  • Sorry I don't like it

  • Stephen Colbert play at home Kelly Moran Kelsey Lu let all rights the chicken that lurk awesomeness job music video

  • the talent.... THe fucking TALENT


  • She’ll be very big one day


  • I have to admit, this is good.

  • Way whiny

  • Not for me. She can obviously sing and she's quite the artist. Just not for everyone I suppose.

    • She has many more palatable songs like Blood, Due West, Foreign Car, and a faithful cover of I’m Not In Love by 10cc. You might like these instead

    • JustStopPlayingGames - Beauty is in the eyes of beholders. You may like the Beatle, but I don't. Their music is not a cup of coffee for me.

    • Same with me. It's like looking at a magnificently made painting, recognize the undeniable talent, and still not want to purchase the painting because whatever it depicts is not your thing. This is not my kind of music, but her talent and the musical quality of her work is impressive none the less!

  • ur telling me she directed, set designed, styled, sang & executive produced this.. THE TALENT

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    • @Oliver Brown I just got recommended to her on Twitter please how good is she?

    • I have never heard or seen any of her client complain of lost.. I think she's just too perfect

    • @John Duke She’s available on what.sapp ⤴️

  • A voice and a cleavage

  • It's alright boys, its alright the chickens say it's going to be alright

    • @Elena Godoy Why then, ablandomay away darling. 😀

    • @Martin D pero puedes seguir ablandome

    • @Martin D perdoname pero yo ablo en español

    • @Elena Godoy je suis un lecteur

    • Eres un youtuber👏❤🛐Resien me entere que eres un youtuber

  • Hay inviten a los bts

  • Story Diego Forlan

  • Bts

  • Holiwus