Meanwhile... Bennifer PDA Is So 17 Years Ago

Published on Jun 16, 2021
Meanwhile... Everyone's favorite pre-pandemic segment is back! Let's hope we never need another edition of Stephen Colbert's "Meanwhile" sub-segment, "Quarantinewhile."

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  • the Stephen and John relationship is sooooo forced and unnatural

  • 3 minutes to start the segment.

  • Colbert is the best damned talk show host on the planet. Second only to Jon Stewart.

  • Don't seem so desperate Ben. I'm embarrassed for you--ewwww.

  • Just think you all at Colbert should know that the framework behind "Meanwhile" was originally done by object puppeteer Paul Zaloom in the 90's (AKA Beakman!!) -- and it's amazing.

  • Not surprised a Massachusetts lobster diver didn’t taste good. Don’t ask me how I know.

  • …………… meanwhile.

  • 50% of the meanwhile clip was the audience screaming. I miss the quiet days without an audience.

  • Meanwhile...😄

  • 🤢 🤮 Gross! Beniffer👎👎👎

  • Colbert's Wife after the show "So are you insinuating that I don't give it back?"

  • Can confirm that echidnas are ridiculous They're marsupial monotremes, i.e. the female lays a soft-shell egg into her pouch where the baby hatches after like a week and continues to grow And their back feet are on backwards

  • Also: whales can't swallow anything bigger than a grapefruit.

  • More than ignoring Donnie, I'm gladly ignoring Bennifer. How Ben keeps embarrassing his kids is narcissistic at best.

  • No one is asking how the whale is doing.

  • As a teacher, I thought engaging with students remotely was still great; but when we were finally back together in a classroom, I realized how irreplaceable the dynamic of live interaction is. Stephen and Jon have chemistry that transcends space, but it is profoundly more powerful live and proximate.

  • The quarantine format was so much better

  • I don't want to go back either. 😁

  • It’s a BIG New York-style program now ; BIGGER than before.

  • "My time machine works!!"----Chandler Bing

  • Oh what, was that smoke stack lightning?

  • God I missed your live performances. I was a Seth Meyers guy over the last year.

  • He really went with "Good will Humpback" and not "Good whale hunting"?

  • Juicy

  • Why do these women keep taking cheating loser, Ben Affleck, back?

  • To me it's still quarantinewhile. In my country there's no hope to get rid of COVID this year... Going out only to work :(

  • Thank you much for not letting quarantinewhile to die

  • I miss A Late Show, it was so much more genuine. They should at least not prompt the audience to laugh, it's so fake

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  • I can deal with the crowd being back but dammit, why did the suit have to return as well?

  • Now I know why rouge was so attracted to knuckles

  • in other Echidna news Knuckles the Echidna was seen on the set of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film. no word on Mighty the Armadillo though!

  • You did heal the nation, and me, and thank you

  • This lefty clown will be alwyas only a clown, doesnt mater how hard he tries to be some more.

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  • Good job guys

  • It's now werid for me to see him wearing Suits! 🤣

  • "It's an emotional reciprocal relationship". I love Jon Batiste! He's a deep soul for sure. ♥️

  • I really enjoy Stephen's humor and I'm glad he's happy, but it's definitely not the same with the audience back as some of us are saying. I don't think I'll be watching these videos nearly as much anymore.

  • She can not stop change man. Jennifer need to take a back seat She is over 50

  • Good grief JLow…all that you have…your fame, your children & your money is not enough to make you happy alone?!? You don’t need a man to make you happy 🙄 it’s not a good look for you!!

  • Can we go back to a show without an audience.

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  • How much love did she have for Arod?? Not much love if she jumped forever so quickly to an Ex...she must of gone thru her black book to find out which ex was still single. I have no respect for this kind of behavior. Jennifer is teaching her daughter well..."show them you dont give a shit and jump to the next" talk about dignity...

  • when i heard the first idiot scream "auu" in the background i totally wished the audience was gone again

  • In the wise words of Jon Batiste : i don't want to go back either!!!! 😘🙏

  • Every single time they show a Benifer story, I’m always thinking of Ben Afleck’s god awful back tattoo 😅

  • It's so good to see Jon Batiste and his band together with Stephen! Meanwhile and Quarantinewhile kept me going all this time! But I thoroughly enjoyed the personal feel of the quarantine shows and the background chuckling.

  • Colbert stopped being funny years ago, when he went extreme centrist, for the politically illiterate. His show is now a flop. How sad.

  • Finally.

  • Best meanwhile intro ever!!!!! I legit got goosebumps! Goodbye quarantinewhile hope you never return.

  • yes a fellow cilantro hater!! any other members of club "tastes like stinkbugs" here?

  • I missed JB so much

  • I think what they should have said is “thank you folks for coming back and pay our salaries.”

  • Still better with Evvie, Chris or Jim and us.

  • Soooo happy to see you all back in Ed Sullivan Theater!!!

  • I almost teared after hearing "Meanwhile" because it's been over a year since we heard it and it just makes me feel so happy that things after finally going back to normal 😭❤

  • Till yesterday I was like this will never happen people will never be without mask outside, in India it might take one more year but I think it will happen.

  • Man she’s quick lol

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  • I'm happy that War of the late night comdian people is happening Who's gonna WIN Jimmy K And the rest of them,l forgot there names, but you know who they are, who's your favorite late night Host on everything,

  • Meanwhile...sounded so weird to hear it again after so long. Quarantinewhile, thank you for keeping me sane.

  • Even though I knew it was coming, when I didn't hear the Word Quarantinewhile, I was surprised.

  • Them's fightin' words Colbert . . . Cilantro is DELICIOUS


  • I shed a tear. Gosh, I'm embarrassed!

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  • just cracked me up

  • Stephen is so 😊,this new start!!

  • Meanwhile heals the nation!

  • Jennifer Lopez is a transgender as many singing starts and Hollywood stars. (Secret to their success)

  • So happy to have you back on Stage 🌹

  • Back to fake cheering.. it that really an improvement? Real laughts with real people was so much better!!

  • I hate the new Colbert in front of an audience. It's so f-ing insensitive to all those people still socially distancing AND it's just so much less personal. Back to the usual trash I guess.... too bad.

  • While quarantine while had its purpose, may it never return!

  • "Meanwhile," begins at 2:39 (ish) (You're welcome 👍)

  • Somebody wrote that Stephen got her through the pandemic. Steven got me through the wicked four years when the USA had a moronic clown as president

  • Jon Batiste is a treasure! His whole family should be proud.

  • I did not miss the live audience. Not even a little bit. Much better with just his wife there. The audience takes up too much time with all their clapping, hooping and hollering.

  • Where's Evie?

  • Ben Afflack, worst batman EVER !!

  • "The fact that he _tasted_ bad saved his _life."_ No, Stephen. His life was saved, probably among other things, but mainly by the fact that humpback whales are _baleen_ whales. They don't have teeth.

  • Celebrity "news" is garbage. People that are into it are bozo clown shoes.

  • Best Meanwhile intro yet! Chills❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Could we replace the audience with a small group of his writers and family. I would like that more.

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  • Why do I always know everything.

  • Love Jon! So nice to see you all back♥️♥️♥️

  • God I have missed this. Nothing beats this show, and nothing beats the sub-segment called "meanwhile".

  • I liked it better without the ppl screaming

  • LoL I don't think you can call it pda, when that looks like someone was hiding in a bush to take the footage.

  • Not a fan of the audience.

  • Christ that audience is so onbnoxious.

  • I can’t be the only one that now hates the audience 🤣

  • Stephen can you please interview #NationBoss? He's a new reggae artist. And he's great. Please. Stay Human will enjoy it as well.

  • Oh my God, the yelling is unbearable.

  • I'm offended. Cilantro does NOT taste bad. In fact, if I could, I'd add it to just about anything I eat. So take it back Stephen Colbert. 🤨

  • Sorry, but this was a pretty dull Meanwhile. We need Quarantinewhile back. It was much better.