Plot Roulette with Anthony Anderson

Published on Jun 3, 2021
In this Late Show spin on the casino game, we challenge "Black-ish" star and executive producer Anthony Anderson to identify plotlines from some of his most iconic movie and TV roles.

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  • Big cheater. He got it wrong but then mysteriously was allowed to guess again?

  • Kingdom Come is one of the best movies ever and has THE best soundtrack!! I love it and listen/watch frequently. So image my surprise when that plot came up and I kept yelling, "Mean and Surly!!! It's MEAN AND SURLY!!!" because I forgot it was called Kingdom Come. 🙄

  • I haven't even seen half of what he named.

  • Pretty sure the one he didn't get was "Boondock Saints"

  • 👏👏

  • Dude is too loud. Big mouth STFU.

  • If we watch the ring together we can die together

  • Oh I still Steven Colbert old watch from his old show....well I’m not that lucky so I keep my expectations low

    • I really want to see his show but I don’t have the money maybe I dream for my birthday but that until December 2021 and also the mayans were wrong! The guy who wrote the calendar was dyslexic! It also my graduation year as well! 8. Chupacabras ( I know I got that wrong =_=) 4. Plot Roulette 5. 60 stories of people that died of COVID-19

    • Plus this isn’t my real name I give that clue

  • I don't know if anyone will know this or care about it, but this has been done by a youtube comedy group The Valleyfolk. They have a better version where they mash two movie plots together and make them guess both.

  • Was expecting to see Transformers on the list...

  • After the second made the connection. And the eheh that was forced was shut down.

  • The one with the white folks in it was "The Ring"

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  • Here is an idea. A re Roast of Donald Dump. Done properly


  • I thought one of the answers was The Ring.

    • Scary movie 3's whole premise starts with the plot of the ring. I thought it was the ring too, thankfully they had the picture on the side to help you figure it out

    • Me too! Glad I’m not the only one. I thought the Ring was the one that killed you in a week.

    • Me too! I've never seen any of the "Scary Movie" films, but I know they're comedies that make fun of horror movies so maybe Scary Movie 3 makes fun of The Ring...

  • A lot of these have more than 1 answer. Movies have been copying and remaking each other for years. I wish there were more original ideas in movies anymore, but unfortunately, producers are going to keep milking every penny they can as long as possible

    • @celeste understood. My comment was more about how Hollywood has no original ideas anymore it seems, you know? Mr Anderson has some great work as well and I've seen a lot of his stuff. Didn't think I'd like barbershop as much as I did when I first sat down to watch it 😀

    • @Edward Lewis no doubt. I like his work. Big fan.

    • I hear you. There's a great film by John Krasinsky, from The Office . I can't think of the name it.

    • The answers applied only to movies he was in

  • Wasn’t he literally in scary movie 3?? Lol

  • So Friday’s off, holidays off, and I guess this whole week off? Pretty hot deal, Colbert.

    • They resume taping June 14th

    • Damn, I was thinking the same thing...That's a burn señor Bell

    • @Giuseppe LoGiurato I look forward to seeing Colbert back in the Ed Sullivan Theatre. With the GOP continuing to push their ‘agenda’, it’s good to have people like Colbert out their on the front lines.

    • He does take a lot of time off, but this time I think it might be because they're busy transitioning back to the Ed Sullivan Theater

    • Yes it was a rerun shown again Thursday night. He gets more time off than Congress and that's saying a lot. 🤯

  • Hey Mr. Colbert, I always♥️Anthony Anderson big or smaller...

  • Omg I was yelling Kingdom come so loud lol. It was funny how he named everyone but Martin and Eddie Murphy talking about, " and some other people." 😂

    • Martin and Eddie were in LIFE which he did mention. Neither of them were in Kingdom Come.

  • So amazing

  • Cheers!

  • You can tell which movies he had fun making. Those were the ones he remembered immediately.

  • 🤣👏👏👏💖💖💖

  • Stephen Colbert plot roulette Anthony Anderson law and order agent Cody banks 2 and exit wounds

  • "The movie with the white folks!" Oh, I think I saw that one...


    • dammit, you got there before me!

  • Rhode Isl.: Officers Also EM: Fishing

  • Stephen " Something Special" Smith

  • Are all his friends and family deaf?


    • They weren't before he started yelling. I have a cousin that has "talked" that way all his life, we tell him to stop yelling, and he says he is talking normally. 🥴

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  • Stephen You are a huge inspiration for me! I’ve recently started a USdos channel on finance and investing, but I still keep coming back to your videos for inspiration! Thank you so much for all the awesome content!

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  • Wow

  • First

  • Wow good